Sometimes, VPN providers and hosting companies run out of funds, fail to renew their domain, are sold to bigger companies or simply cease to exist.

This page aims to commemorate both the great and ho-hum fallen providers.

VPN providers, proxies and unblockers


Anyport was Netflix unblocker.
They announced suspending service on Oct 14th 2017.


Smartflix allowed access to the US selection of movies and TV series from anywhere in the world by installing a desktop app.


Spotflux was the very first VPN provider to include a feature that filtered out ads and tracking from the websites you visited.
Another innovative feature they pioneered was automatic compression of web assets such as images, something that could come in handy with capped data plans, especially on mobile.
However, the locations offered for servers were quite limited

Hosting providers (VPS, dedicated...)

  • Fiber Volt
  • AlienVPS
  • AreLink
  • Hostfly
  • ServerAlley
  • McMyHost
  • Universev
  • SRSNode
  • PineNook
  • NodePop
  • RaidLogic
  • CheapDomainNames
  • XFuseSolutions
  • DedicatedMinds
  • ServeByDesign
  • ChipperHost
  • TacServers
  • Gauged Hosting
  • NodeJungle
  • swtech
  • BlueVM
  • Black Fox
  • AquaNX
  • sz1hosting
  • MrKingHosting
  • ElectricByte
  • VPSPride
  • VortexNode
    • VortexNode offered Atom dedicated servers for USD 5 a month
  • Treudler
  • GalaxyHostPlus
    • This one-man host closed shop on April 6th 2018, with an alledged debt of over 30K. The company was registered in Ireland (549457) as "Galaxy Digital Networks". It was created in September 2014.
    • What made it meet its demise: a $16/year plan with 1GB RAM, 4x vCPU and 1Gbps port speed, way under market prices