Choosing the VPN service you're going to use for a month or a year isn't an easy feat; there are so many criteria to consider: speed, number of servers, locations of exit points, logging policy, ease of use, and, of course price.

I was doing exactly that when I realized that most of the VPN reviews websites you can find on the web were tooting all the same providers. Sure, it could have been because they were the best ones on the market. To know for sure, I subscribed to a well-known, critically-acclaimed VPN, and I tried a small VPN company at the same time. And lo and behold, guess which service was faster? The tiny VPN company had fewer servers, but they were, like, much faster.

Then I learned about affiliate programs. Not that I disprove them, but I think it's silly to do only stellar reviews for the VPN company you're affiliated to. A review website's goal isn't to be the annoying salesman always pushing the same products - it's providing buying advice by reviewing and comparing services in an unbiased way-.

How I keep the lights on

Of course, you'll find on this blog affiliate links, but the twist is: I really don't want to push you to this or that particular VPN because of its higher affiliate payouts. If I recommend a VPN service, that's instead because it excelled in speed, ease of use and it efficiently protected my privacy in my extended testing

That's the reason why I decided to enroll in almost all VPN affiliate programs existing on earth. I honestly don't care if you click on the highest paying links or not. The important thing at the end is that you find the VPN service that will suit you.

You may not know it, but if you end up with a VPN company you don't like and file a chargeback, you're not only hurting the VPN company - you're hurting me. This is also why I care about your choices, and wouldn't want to recommend bad services.

Of course, if I only wanted to make money from this blog, I could have done just like the bazillions other so-called reviews websites: outsource the writing of an infomercial article, and just slap my affiliate links throughout the text.

But there's a real need for genuine, honest reviews of VPN services.

That's why I'll write long form VPN reviews, with screenshots to back what I say. Every time I write a review for a VPN provider, it means that I've tested thoroughly for at least a week. If you are VPN provider, and you want me to test or re-evaluate your service, just Contact me! with the form or on the Wire app, just search for @vpnreviews

In the VPN world, it all comes down to trust: are you ready to trust your VPN provider with your web traffic data? How much is your privacy worth?

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The quest for the best VPN

There is no best VPN per se since everyone has a unique use of the web. Maybe you only browse the web to inform you, maybe you're a content creator. If you use P2P networks, all VPN services won't be necessarily suitable for you as numerous providers just block torrent traffic. (I do not encourage or support copyright violations in any way).
If you value speed over privacy, some services would better suit you then. As a consequence, you can't just say 'this VPN is the best.' You have to ask yourself how you'll use it, to find the service which is the most adapted to your unique use.

Even ArsTechnica recognized it was impossible today to create a list of best VPN services.

The impossible task of creating a “Best VPNs” list today
Our writer set out to make a list of reliable VPNs; turns out the task is complicated.

To sum up, most of the VPN reviews websites are just link farms, set up to push you in the direction of the most paying VPN provider. I review VPN services keeping editorial independence, and I can say bad things about a VPN service even if I'm its affiliate. However, if you want to support my time-consuming work of testing all these different VPN services, you can still use my links to visit VPN providers' websites while conducting your research, in order choose the right one for you.

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