Golden Frog (VyprVPN) is hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) today on Reddit's /r/worldnews.

The subject at hand is Apple's recent decision to remove VPN apps from the Chinese version of the App Store. This made bypassing the Great Firewall nearly impossible from an Apple iOS device. The only solution for Chinese iPhone and iPad users is now unlocking their devices through jailbreaking.

Indeed, numerous VPN apps have been removed from the App Store after pressure from the Chinese Government.

With the recent release of Apple's new iPhone lineup - including the nearly borderless iPhone X - now seems a great time to ask Apple where the Censorship Red Line is.

Golden Frog is not alone in this:, a China-based privacy-advocacy group, partnered with the VPN provider to pen an open letter asking Apple for more transparency on company decisions.

The most striking aspect of the VPN apps removal is the total lack of transparency coming from Apple. Such decisions against their users' privacy completely contradict the values they stand (or stood?) for.