Backing up your data is something everyone should be doing on a regular basis. But more often than not, this part of digital life is swept under the rug.

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Some people think buying an external hard drive is enough. Others put their faith in their fruity TimeMachine.

The truth is that you need an off-site backup. Hard drives eventually fail, that's a fact.

But can you trust the average cloud? Online backup is convenient, but mind you, it's usually not encrypted sufficiently.

Let me explain : when you put something in your Dropbox or OneDrive, the transfer itself is encrypted. However, the files are not encrypted when stored to your cloud provider's hard drives. Basically, anyone with access to the servers can retrieve your private documents, videos and photos and leak them - be it a disgruntled employee, the government, or a malicious third-party who breached your cloud company's network.

SpiderOak is completely different. Your backed up data is not only encrypted during transit, but also before even leaving your computer. This means that even if their servers were compromised or seized, your data would stay safe.

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