Security apps and services are often affordable on their own: they sometimes come as one-off purchases, but more often than not they take the shape of monthly subscriptions that rarely go over the psychological barrier of $10 a month.

But the truth is that, now, you can't have just an antivirus product to protect yourself from the dangers of the web. Antivirus products don't defend you from trackers, ransomware, supercookies or your ISP's recording (and selling to 3rd parties) of your web history. Nor even from data loss.

This is why HumbleBundle's newest Cybersecurity bundle is a great deal: it includes some of the best security apps out there for the lowest price ever: a price of your own choosing.

What's included

The $1 Tier

  • System Mechanic (1-year, new customers only): an automated Windows system optimizer that features 'profiles' which you can select according to your computer use. Do you wish to save battery or maximise your PC's performance? There's a mode for that!
  • Private Internet Access (1-month, 5 devices): a solid VPN service with numerous servers. Its apps, even if bland on the design side of things, work as expected. Moreover, there is now a PIA "Mace" features which aims to fend off pesky trackers at the network level: no more uBlock Origin or PrivacyBadger needed.
  • ProtonMail Plus ($25 credit): encrypted email from Switzerland

The Beat the Average Tier

If your chosen price happens to be over the average paid by all the customers at the time of your purchase, you will unlock these additional apps:

  • Prey Anti-Theft Pro (6 months, 15 devices)
  • Vipre Advanced Security (1 year): Vipre used to be the last one in every comparative charts. For years, people believed it was ineffective. But all that has changed with the brand new antivirus engine. Vipre is now consistently at the top of the leaderboards.
  • TrackOFF Standard (1 year, 3 devices)

The $15 Tier

  • SpiderOak One (1 year, 1TB): the best encrypted cloud backup and synchronization service you can find. We reviewed its latest version quite recently.
  • Dashlane Premium (1 year, new users only): password manager
  • AdGuard Premium (1 year, 4 devices): ad-blocking desktop (and mobile) app
  • Private Internet Access (1 year, 5 devices)

ATTENTION: You will not be able to add money to unlock additional content after your initial purchase.

Link to the time-limited offer: HumbleBundle's Cybersecurity software bundle